Safety First Aviator Campaign by the Aero Club Of SA - Part 1


The Aero Club of South Africa has embarked on a “Fly Safe” campaign which is a National Safety Initiative by pilots and their representative organisations, for pilots and the greater South African public, to address the reduction of the present aircraft accident rate in South Africa to at least half by 2014. A concerted initiative aimed at changing the attitude of pilots to become 'Safety First Aviators' has been launched in June.

Pilot's Post has divided this campaign into 10 separate sections. We understand that pilots may not have the time to focus on all the aspects of the campaign in a single session and we will therefore publish the sections individually over a ten week period so that the information, case studies and advice can be absorbed in smaller pieces.

The first step of becoming a 'Safety First Aviator' is to recognise the importance of it, acknowledge that your actions may influence others when they follow your example and that you therefore commit yourself to the “Safety First Aviators Credo”.

Safety First Aviators Credo

As a proud Aviator, I confirm that I subscribe to this credo and the ideals of a SAFETY FIRST AVIATOR from this day forth, to keep me, my family and my friends safe.

1. I acknowledge that safety starts with myself.

2. I will display good Airmanship.

3. I accept that all pilots, including myself, are fallible and that through good discipline and compliance on our part the risks are reduced.

4. I will assign fellow aviators to watch out for me and assist them in improving their safety.

5. I am prepared to listen and consider the advice that is given by fellow aviators.

6. I will not hesitate to approach fellow aviators if I have a genuine concern for their safety and in turn will welcome other pilots whom approach me.

7. I will be considerate, creating a safe environment for all aviators, allowing all to operate within their respective limitations.

8. I will never attempt to show my skills off to anyone until I have earned these skills.

9. I acknowledge that, whenever there is doubt as to whether I should fly, I will not.

10. I will consider the risks and consequences before making decisions and will always treat flying with the respect and prudence it deserves.

11. I will always check the weather en route and at my destination prior to making a flight.

12. I will play my part in the safety of flying in South Africa.

What does the CAA have to say about this?

Next week you will learn what dangers your own ego holds so make sure you don't miss it!!

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