Safety First Aviator Campaign by the Aero Club Of SA - Part 3

By Aero Club of South Africa

The Fly Safe campaign aims to re implement the buddy system that is apparent in many sectors and especially evident in the SAAF. Flying is always best shared and implementing a buddy system where pilots keep a check on each other and also on each pilot's standard of aviation, their airmanship and quality of decision making is vital to safe flight.

Often complacency is at the heart of many accidents and having that extra set of eyes on a pre-flight, having somebody just checking up how you go about aviation reduces the possible overlooking of vital safety aspects. Scuba diving radically reduced their incidents and accidents and the same could be seen in aviation.

Flying together while social and heightening the experiences shared brings another level to safety. There is that old adage two heads are better than one especially when discussing weather conditions, to fly or not to fly and thus this is why we advocate a buddy system.

We envisage that all pilots will adopt a buddy. Apart from being fun, we believe at the Aero Club that we will realise an increase in better decision making, better pre-flight checks, faster growth in skills and basically better aviators.

Also, with the buddy system comes respect - people are more open to criticism from their buddies and are more likely to act upon the criticism.

So we hope every pilot if asked the question “who is your flying buddy?” will without the blink of an eye be able to say “ here he or she is” and they are doing a great job of watching my back .


AeCSA Safety First Aviator Campaign
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