Skydive for Rhinos at AAD 2012 on World Rhino Day

Saturday 22nd September is World Rhino Day. A shocking 381 Rhinos have been lost so far this year at the hands of poachers, more than 1000 Rhinos have been poached in South Africa since 2010.

The 'Skydive for Rhinos' campaign is an African Conservation Trust initiative with the target of raising R10M for front-line efforts to save OUR Rhinos from extinction at the hands of poachers. To date there have been four 'Skydive for Rhinos' events - Rustenburg, Polokwane, Kwa-Zulu-Natal, and Port Elizabeth.
Numerous public figures, sporting stars, actors, actresses, models, television and radio personalities, presenters, producers, artists, conservationists, CEOs, directors, foundations, brands and organisations are behind the campaign and participating - significant awareness and exposure is being generated.

This campaign is about Ordinary South Africans doing something Extraordinary, raising awareness and giving a little of their time to show their support to on-the-ground front-line efforts to save South Africa's Rhinos from poachers. Just under 200 Ordinary South Africans have taken a stand, raised funds and made a Tandem 'Skydive for Rhinos'.

SO FAR The campaign has raised over R6M to protect OUR Rhinos.

If YOU would like to make a donation of at least R 5 000 to African Conservation Trust's Rhino Fund YOU can make a Tandem 'Skydive for Rhinos' at the Africa Aerospace and Defence 2012, and do it for OUR Rhinos.

The PAC 750 XTOL sponsored by Allegiance Air and Chris Briers will take YOU to altitude and, attached to Graham Field will free fall back to earth right over Africa's largest military Airshow - a once in a life time opportunity.

This weekend, coinciding with World Rhino Day, the Skydive for Rhinos Cape Town event is also happening and the SABC will be doing a live outside broadcast from the 'Skydive for Rhinos' Cape Town event which you can catch on Weekend Live on SABC2 - we wish our friends (Mike Rumble and the rest of the team) all the best for the Skydive for Rhinos Cape Town event.

100% of funds raised go into the ACT Rhino Fund, a dedicated bank account.
Every Rand raised is accounted for and no charges or administration fees are being deducted.

DO IT FOR OUR RHINOS - Skydive for Rhinos at Africa Aerospace and Defence.

Contact people for 'Skydive for Rhinos' at AAD

Graham Field - 074 198 0891

Anthea Smith - 082 656 2513

Account details for African Conservation Trust:

NedBank Musgrave Branch 13012610
Account Number 1008662976

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