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Those words “Go now and apply what you have been shown!” mean so much since what has first been shown and demonstrated will indeed be applied.

This is called 'Primacy' and will have a strong influence on the way a pilot might tend to behave throughout his flying career. If wrong things and inapt behaviour is shown from the start then that will become the frame of reference and thus seem perfectly normal to the pilot.

This concept applies throughout a pilot's training and so 'the SOLO WALK of the INSTRUCTOR' does not end after a candidates first Solo Flight or after any other subsequent solo flight but is a never ending walk in the faith that what has been shown at every step and situation is good so that our future pilots are enabled to act as responsible and trustworthy aircrew.

The thought that the quality of pilots going into the future is placed squarely on our shoulders - the instructors - is a profound one and one that should not be taken lightly. The quality of new Instructors also hinges on how well they have been mentored and shown by us.

Being a flight instructor should be viewed as nothing less than a profession which requires the highest level of dedication, responsibility, accountability and care. There is absolutely no room for shortcuts and lack of discipline on our part.

We need to continually give thought to ways and methods of improving and upgrading our own skills so that there can be assurance of producing pilots of only the highest standard and quality.

Think of the bigger picture - the role of the Flight Instructor reaches far beyond being a 'job' - Industry and the flying public are relying on us as a vital link in the chain of air safety now in the present and extending into future.

Honesty, integrity, discipline, accountability, ethics, morals, leadership, grooming, patience, humility, good manners, care,
are a few words the meaning of which we should endeavour to apply to the way we conduct ourselves as Instructors.
There is no room for selfishness, coarse behaviour and a BIG EGO here!

A tall order? Yes a tall order but on the other hand a small request for the great privilege to serve as a Flight Instructor!

Every day and every flight should be a challenge where reasonable and safe decisions are made based on the skills level and profile of each candidate. The important thing though is to mentor and teach the candidate as to how and why certain decisions are made so that he/she will be equipped and trained to think rationally and make safe decisions and judgment calls on his/her own.

The manner in which we walk the road as an instructor will determine the legacy that is to be left behind'

This is something for us to really think about as Flying Instructors! What a privilege and at the same time what a responsibility has been bestowed upon us!!! What rewards we receive!!!

Until next time enjoy and fly safely!

The contents of this article is not meant to be prescriptive but was created to offer guidelines only. Information may not be technically correct and should therefore not be used for actual flight situations.

Chris Kyle - Training Track
Aviation Safety

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