Oshkosh Day Two

By Willie Bodenstein

Day two and its cloudy, cold and windy. A quick cup of coffee and breakfast and we are off to get our Media passes and since the light is not conducive to photography we decided to visit the EAA Museum.

The entrance hall with real Pitts Specials

It's no secret that the Americans are proud of their heritage and rightly so and the Museum shows all facets of their rich aviation heritage. What makes it so successful is the fact that the Museum, like the EAA are run by volunteers that does it for the love of aviation

This says it all

The Wright flyer and others

Aerobatics racing and other innovative designs, all donated to the museum by the owners.

Spaceship One a full scale model

Vans early RVs

The displays, unlike in other museums are innovative and filled with action and absolutely stunning

Then it was to the Warbirds section and it was still freezing cold and overcast. The bulk of the arrivals are only expected on Monday.


B25 Mitchell


More Warbirds and others to follow in the daily updates

Oshkosh 2013

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