By Willie Bodenstein

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Day two and Oshkosh is humming. We took an early morning bus ride to Pioneer Airfield (its free) and then flew in the one of the Bell 47's based there (not free). It is only up in the air where the magnitude of Oshkosh can really be appreciated.

Walking back we visited a number of the forums where you may learn the skills necessary to built your own aircraft.

And then strolled through some of the halls teeming with exhibitors, almost everything you need to go flying and much more can be found at the field.

Then we staked our place along the flight line, all you need to do is to leave your camping chairs, folded, where you want sit and go for lunch or for a stroll and when the show starts return, unfold your chairs and voila, you are assured of a prime spot.

The afternoon show had some repeats from Monday like the Osprey but also featured some new acts with large Warbird formations dominating.

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