Oshkosh 2015 Day Five

By the Pilot's Post Team

Day five and what a perfect day it was. Wednesday and Thursday was almost unbearably hot with almost no wind. This morning it was slightly overcast but that cleared by midday with a lovely cool breeze, perfect airshow weather.

We went for a quick stroll through the museum, a must visit when at Oshkosh.

Then it was the long walk to the flight line and our usual spot close to the vintage barn. The day's action started with a formation attempt by 112 skydivers that jumped from four Twin Otters and a Shorts Skyvan.

The Goodyear Blimp Wingfoot glided gracefully along the runway.

Then it was time for the aerobatics.

The afternoons show was probably the best yet with an absolute feast of military action and enough jets to blow your hair back.

Two more shows to go before we make our way back on Monday.

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