AAD Airshow Saturday 17 September 2016

By Willie Bodenstein

Was the AAD 2016 Airshow as good as 2014? The general opinion was no, it was not. However, it still was a good show, filled with action, noise and high powered aircraft. Well supported by the SAAF with a mixed of the best of South Africa's civilian aerobatic teams and a number of foreign aircraft the Saturday leg of the show had AFB Waterkloof packed to capacity.

The general opinion was that access to Waterkloof was much improved. We certainly had no problems getting in and out. Most visitors, especially those that got their early, agreed.

The Mini War and Anti Rhino Poaching Demonstration, Gripens and Hawks, Nigel Hopkins and Jason Beamish as well as the Rooivalk displays were definite crowd favourites.

So if you were not at either the Saturday or Sunday airshows what did you miss?

You also missed the opportunity to walk through the hangars and to see what some of the world's largest producers of military equipment has on offer. You also missed, in our opinion, the best airshow of 2016. Unfortunately for you, you will have to wait until 2018 before you will be able to attend an airshow so well supported by the SAAF and featuring the best of the countries civilian teams and some foreign participation.

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