SAPFA Pilot Insure Speed Rallies-History in the making

By Jonty Esser, your Race Master

The Speed Rally's, brought to you by Pilot Insure and SAPFA, is the fastest growing new sport discipline for the general aviator. Since the inception of this new, fast paced exciting aviation competition format, there has been nothing but excitement among the aviation community whose support has been unbelievable.

After applying the Speed Rally format to the Shell PTAR 2019 held 4th and 5th of May at Saldanha bay, it yielded positive feedback, general happiness and acceptance. The concept has proven that everyone has a fair chance of winning the PTAR and a Speed Rally alike.

The news:

Originally planned to be capped at 30 entrants per event SAPFA had to already close the entries for the Bethlehem set the take place on 8 June 2019 with 40 confirmed entries. Thirty-two of the 40 were contestants that had taken part in the last rally held during the Aero Club's annual Air Week held at Middelburg while eight are from the Bethlehem Aero Club.

Our vision is simple:

We aim to create a safe environment to showcase the skills of general pilot's and enhance skills of pilot's and navigator alike. Additionally, it also creates a platform for companies to sponsors teams and in doing so market directly to their target market. We will regularly have exciting news for our media partners to publish and will provide the best officials and teams to make all this all happen.

Who can compete?

Any licensed pilot with any navigator (no license required - only skill) - We have currently husband and wife crews as well as father and son crews competing.

How do we get involved?

As a competitor, call or email Jonty the Race Master to get onto the waiting list.
As a Sponsor or Team Sponsor - Call Jonty or email Jonty the Race Master for more details.

As a Media Partner - Call Jonty or email Jonty the Race Master for more details.

Jonty Esser 082 855 9435 or email

Our branded team sponsors:

We currently have four sponsored teams from prominent aviation roll players, 36 teams are still available for team branding and sponsorship.

- Pilots Post x 1 (Phil Wakley and Mary De Klerk - Currently Ranked 4th)
- Prompt Roofing x 1 (Leon Joubert and Sandi Goddard - Currently Ranked 36th)
- Pilot Insure x 2 (Ryan Beeton and Franz Smit - First Time Entrants - No Ranking) and (Jonathan Esser and Jonty Esser - Currently Ranked 3rd)

If you are interested in Branding or Sponsoring a team please call Jonty on 0828559435 or email for more details.

The Speed Rally concept will continue to grow and we at SAPFA will look for creative ways to accommodate all our keen aviators, this includes microlights, gyros, gliders, motorized gliders, helicopters, jet, single seaters (aerobatic aircraft), twins, LSA and vintage Aircraft.

Currently we have a mixture of vintage, homebuilds, LSA and twins that compete.

Additionally, we are looking into creating this format as an internationally recognized discipline. This will create the opportunity for the best of the best (TOP GUNS) to compete at an international level.

A Big Thank You to all our Sponsors, Media Partners Officials and last but not least to You, the Aviators and Aviation Enthusiasts out there.

“Happy Flying and may the best Crew Win”
From Your Race Master

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