Virtual AirVenture 2020 - A decade of Arrival highlights

By Willie Bodenstein and Juri Keyter

Every trip to Oshkosh from SA starts from O.R.Tambo, except for maybe one or two that will start from King Shaka or Cape Town International. Our flight started from O.R.T. in 2009 and no, that is not how long it took to get to AirVenture 2020 that we all by now, has been cancelled because of Covid 19.

AirVenture 2020 would have been our tenth anniversary visit to the world's greatest aviation event and since the last week in July, would not be the same without news and reports from Oshkosh. So, in the next five days we will take you with us for a virtual trip down memory lane that will cover a typical Pilot's Post visit with daily reports compiled from photos covering ten years.

O. R. Tambo 25.07.2009


Chicago's O'Hare

Waiting for the Lamberts bus to take us to Oshkosh, an approximate three-hour drive.

On the bus.

Stopping for refreshments

Picking up a hitch hiker on the way


The Camp hut over the years

The weather can turn funny

Visitors over the years

Entertainers at camp

Making it all worthwhile. Being judged the best supported chapter in the whole of the EAA

On average 10,000 plus aircraft will visit Oshkosh during the seven days. These aircraft normally start arriving the week before the opening of the event. Initially, only drips and drabs will arrive, but the closer it gets to the weekend before, its known to be more hectic until something like 3000 arrivals per day can be reached.

Landing three at a time on Witttman's two runways, the ATCs manning the control are the cream of the crop.

Tomorrow we will bring you a typical AirVenture afternoon airshow compiled from photos taken during visits since 2009.

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Virtual Oshkosh 2020

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