Virtual AirVenture 2020 - A decade of Airshow highlights

By Willie Bodenstein and Juri Keyter

One of the main reasons why the majority of people go to Oshkosh is without a doubt to watch the afternoon airshows.

Featuring the cream of the crop of American civilian airshow performers as well as daily displays by USAF Pilots and ex-military aircraft now in civilian hands with the odd foreigner thrown in, the shows are without a doubt up there with the best in the world.

Daily shows start at 14.00 and carry on until 18.00. Bear in mind that the sun only goes down at 20.30.

Its best to reserve your spot on the flight line early by taking your chairs and other stuff down and leave them at the spot where you want to be. Chairs must be folded and space must be allowed between them. Make a note of the row number and on your return, all your stuff will still be there!

The daily newspaper that is delivered to the camp will have the following day's program. Smoking in any form is not allowed along the flight line or anywhere in the exhibition grounds. There are basically only three designated smoking areas usually demarcated by a wooden railing fence, although none are sign posted as such.

Make sure that you have sunblock on and plenty to drink as it can get extremely hot. There are plenty food outlets at the flight line, as well as carts selling refreshments and it is a good idea to stay hydrated.

If you decide to stay for the two evening shows, take something warm as it can get rather cool once the sun goes down.

Having a raincoat or a poncho with you at all times is a good idea. The odd thunderstorm does occur.

Tomorrow we will catch a bus from the South 40 gate to the Seaplane Base and on our return, will stop by the Fun Fly Park for the rest of the day.

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Virtual Oshkosh 2020

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