Aircraft fire!!! Taxi runs turned for the worst

By About@Stall

The last thing you ever want to happen to you, is your slick new aircraft catching fire before you even get to fly it. That happened to us, and as always, we share our experience and lessons learned.

After building a few hundred hours in the Christen Eagle II Riaan acquired a Slick 540, a South African designed and built competition aerobatic aeroplane. The Slick being a one-seater aircraft, Riaan started off with taxi runs to get comfortable with the handling characteristics.

During the later stages of the high-speed taxi runs, the left brake caught fire quickly spreading to the Spat or "Wheel Pant" and if he realised it just a few seconds later it could have been the end of ZU-TNT. It was a close call, but we learned some valuable lessons and share them in the video below with the hope that it might prevent the same from happening to you one day!

Aviation Safety

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