Effects of aircraft controls - A student pilot's first lesson

By About2Stall

Not to be confused with your first flight; your first flight lesson is where the actual learning starts!

The effects of the controls
Before taking to the skies and taking the controls, you need to know what those controls are and what effect those controls have on the aircraft in-flight.

Your instructor will start off with a briefing before each flight from here on out - covering the theory of each lesson before the practical demonstration and practice of the manoeuvres.

In this case it will be the primary flight controls of the aircraft. The instructor will show you how the ailerons, rudder and elevator look and how to control them with the control "Stick" or "Yoke" and rudder pedals.

Then comes the theory of how a certain control surface movement affects the airflow and thus the movement of the aircraft. Finally, you'll learn about the secondary effect that each control has before going on the flight!!

Image source: www.aviation-history.com

In the video linked below, Carel takes you along on his first flight lesson in the South African designed and built Sling 2 as he learns all about the basic flight controls.


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