The Second Steady Climb Fly-In - Rhino Park Airfield - 10.04.21

By Jaco Pitout

Rhino Park Airfield played host to the second ever Steady Climb Fly In this past Saturday in sublime Autumnal conditions. PilotsPost attended the event and captured the action.

The Steady Climb Fly In is the brainchild of Franz Smit of PilotInsure. In the current economic climate and the fall-out created by the COVID pandemic, many airline and other commercial pilots have had to re-engineer their livelihoods. This fly in has it at heart to raise awareness of these business ventures and provide support to the pilots involved.

I arrived at my home airfield early to capture a multitude of aircraft arriving. There was something for everyone to admire. From microlights to advanced single engine aircraft to a classic Russian Antonov.

With most of the arrivals on the ground, Dave Naude of the local flying school, LegendSky offered to fly me in one of their Jabiru's to obtain some pictures of a bustling Rhino Park. An instructor at the school, Sharl van Zuydam, flew me in a 4 seat Jabiru with registration ZU-NEE. Sharl requested that I sit in the left hand seat as due to his time instructing he prefers the picture from the right hand side of the aircraft.

While Sharl and I were in the circuit, a 3 ship formation from the Flying Lions also arrived overhead. With the traffic pattern being quite congested, we opted to land. After assisting Sharl to hanger the aircraft, I headed back to the flight line to capture more of the action.

At this time of the morning, the Autumn sun was beating down and most people took refuge in the shade of the tall eucalyptus trees. However, with the sound of radial engines of the Flying Lions filling the air, most of the people in attendance stopped what they were doing to witness the schoolmaster of the skies being put through their paces.

One of the other unusual types flown into the event, was the GK1 of Neville Ferreira, he thrilled the onlookers with several high speed passes.

With most of the activities drawing to a close the visiting aircraft and crews departed Rhino Park.

Some of the friendly faces at the event.

Once again a spectacular fly in arranged by Franz and his team at PilotInsure. I am certain that this type of fly in can become a quarterly event with the amount of support it garnered.

Thank you again for Dave Naude and Sharl van Zuydam from Legendsky flight school for flying me on the day.

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