By Dicky Jacobs.

Photos by Dicky Jacobs, Neil Bowden and Irene Naude.

In this day and era with all the negatives, it is fantastic to be part of a bunch of EAA Pilots that is keeping our grass roots flying alive and well. It seems like it is growing stronger with each brekkie and Fly-In as proven by Brits.

Very well done and thank you for a wonderful day. With the season turning, we can not ask for better flying weather and let us spread our wings and support our flying community as there are many on the calendar.

The morning started off from Kitty Hawk where the aerobatic camp was in good swing and there was a lot of smiles all around. I must say I miss my aerobatic days, but you may never know what the future holds.

In the meantime, we are a few "bush hoppers" that fly all over that see how alive SA EAA Aviation is (wow and wow). For those of you who missed Middelburg (do not miss out again).

We departed at sunrise with my little classic (Condor ZA "UIM"), tailor craft ZS-VHL (Neville) and Super Decathlon ZU-DMG (Anton) and did the northern corridor through Waterkloof airspace. I must say they are always helpful and professional. Crossing the Magaliesburg ridge is always a lovely sight and makes your heart pump AVGAS. A bit of low flying to Brits is always welcome to the northern side with some classics.

Arriving and departing from Brits was a pleasant surprise with around 40 aircraft. The sun/atmosphere was one of friends and a positive warm outcome to aviation.

It was nice to see that a runway can give so many outcomes with different aircraft taking off and landing without any ATC, using both directions (02 and 20). The pilots used common sense when it came to their aircraft, especially with a sloped runway and a light wind.

Well done to all Aviators.

Thank you to Willie from Pilots Post that is always there to take a snapshot to keep us intrigued and ready for the next brekkie and Fly-In. Brits Airfield is open every day during the week, so do go and do a touch and go. A clean club house and fantastic brekkie was enjoyed by all.

Here is what some of the other visitors had to say:

Irene Naude
"I had a bumper day with Capt. Karl Jensen in his 170 to Brits for breakfast then to Blue Mountain Lodge and last but not least to Kitty Hawk for the Captains pink milk shake there. At Brits it is so nice to always see all our friends and have Christina's best breakfast of all the little airfields. She knows what she is doing and apparently, they sold 140 breakfasts on Saturday. Blue Mountain was as always amazing and at Kitty Hawk they were busy with an acrobatics competition."

Nico Brandt
A Great breakfast today, thanks to the Brits team!

Ron van Lear
A great breakfast Fly-In to Brits. Thanks to all behind the scenes who made it happen. Nice to see and chat with all the people. Thanks guys and girls.

Neil Bowden
Great Fly-In!! Thanks to all for attending. Over 40 aircraft!

EAA Chapter 322
A big thanks from EAA Roel! You and your team did an exceptional job yesterday

Well done Brits see you soon.

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