A brief history of German balloonist Hugo Kaulen


Hugo Kaulen was born on 28 October 1869 in Ronsdorf, Germany. His ballon license was issued on 4 October 1910 and during his career he made 206 Gas Balloon flights.

During December 1913 he took off from Bietterfield, Germany on a epic flight that would last for 87 hours and that took him take him to Kirgischan, Russia

During his flight he landed in Siberian tundra; took three days by dog sled to get to the nearest village.

He spent three days in jail his release negotiated on a diplomatic level.

In the 87 hours that he was aloft he had travelled 1756 miles (2800Km) setting a world distance record that was only broken in 1935.

Kaulen passed away o 9 July 1954 in Wupertal, Germany.

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