EAA 322 Breakfast Fly-in at Kitty Hawk Airfield - 2022-01-15

By Russell Dixon-Paver


The weather predictions must have caused some concern for pilots and organisers. There were storms and heavy rain overnight and it was still raining at 06:00. By 06:30 the rain had stopped, but the cloud base was still very low and the airfield area was rather soggy. The lawn in front on the clubhouse was too wet for aircraft parking, so most aircraft were parked on the Southern side of the taxiway.

Kitty Hawk at around 06:45 did not look too promising for fly- ins.

Two weight-shift trikes were early arrivals and the Kitty Hawk clubhouse that was looking inviting.
The complementary coffees soon warmed the chilled early- arrival aviators and the Police Air Wing Pilatus Porter crew arrived for breakfast. The kitchen was soon busy with superb breakfasts and the cooking aromas soon attracted more Fly-In visitors who were able to safely contend with the low cloud base, which started lifting as the morning warmed up. Others wisely decided to take the safe decision to avoid unnecessary risk.

A Piper TriPacer, a pair of Magni Gyros and a Savannah S were among the early arrivals.

Local Kitty Hawk's Carl Erasmus soon had his Bat Hawk in the air. He finds this aircraft most suitable for his farming activities.

An RV 8 lands to join the breakfast.

Three R44 ZU-registered "Pepster" helicopters landed together.

A beautifully built and maintained Bearhawk taxis in to park.

The two weight-shift trikes heading out after their pilots enjoyed their breakfasts.

Magni Gyro flyby and landing with the "handbrake".

A Condor taxi out and takes off for some entertaining touch and goes…

Rob Jonkers was on an important "training mission" - his grandson's first taste of flying addiction!

A locally based RV departs.

A Super Decathlon and Whisper X 350 (which was advertised for sale) arrive over the field in formation after an air-to-air photoshoot and land.

This Police Air Wing crew enjoyed breakfast and then demonstrated the Pilatus Porter's amazing short take off capability and executed a flyby.

An RV 8, RV 10 and Savannah S take off for departure.

Alouettes II & III piloted by Charles Fuller and Rob Osner
who always support aviation events, brought in some enthusiastic folks from Brakpan,

A Local Cessna Skylane takes off.

This spectacular-looking Safari made a short pit-stop.

A Piper TriPacer takes off and performs a great "banana-pass" flyby.

The Cessna 170, Super Decathlon and Piper Pacer wait patiently, while their pilots enjoy breakfast and good company.

A Piper Pacer takes off.

A Cessna Centurion makes a greeting flyby.

The Alouette II & III make a formation flyby on departure for Brakpan.

This local Pitts Special S-1S did some aerobatic training with a flyby before landing.

A local Zlin 50 LS takes off for some aerobatic exercise.

A local RV taking off for some aviating, because you just have to fly!

For a day that was partially dampened by inclement weather, it turned out to be quite busy and a success for those who attended and for those who made good risk decisions, to fly another day.

It was once again a pleasure for Pilots Post to report on the EAA 322 Breakfast Fly-In and thanks are extended to organisers, Kitty Hawk club staff and those that worked behind the scenes. The restaurant provided excellent breakfasts and lunches - their curry and rice is highly recommended!

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