Steady Climb Fly-Inn Rhino Park 2022.08.13

By Willie Bodenstein

Last weekend Springs hosted their annual breakfast fly-in and almost fifty aircraft visited. Yesterday at the annual Steady Climb Fly-In held at Rhino Park Airfield there were, when we left at approximately 12.00, fifteen aircraft parked on the grass apron, one of which belonged to a local pilot.

Why? One would not know the reason for the poor attendance. It was well organised by PilotInsure's David le Roux, the weather was perfect, the venue ideal and the reason behind the initiative laudable.

Walking from the carpark, which was virtually empty, we went down a paved ally between large welcoming shady trees, where a fair number of exhibitors of various products as well as food and refreshment stalls had put up their gazebos. Tables and chairs were strategically placed in the middle where one could relax and sample some of the fair available.

Access to the airside was well controlled and pilots from Dave Naude's Legend Sky Flight School were on duty as marshals. ATNS were on duty and Nigel Musgrave acted as Safety Director. The CAA was there in an oversight capacity.

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