Bela Bela Warmbaths Breakfast Fly in 2012


The town of Bela Bela, previously known as Warmbaths, saw 54 aircraft and 3 helicopters invading their airspace on Saturday the 25th of August 2012. I am sure that to those on the ground not knowing about the event it must have been a huge surprise and spectacular to witness especially for a town where aviation activities are not as popular as in larger South Africa towns and cities.

Visiting pilots flew in from all directions, some even from other provinces and the huge turnout is once again an indication that there is a hunger for fly-ins in our country. To be honest, I expected ten to fifteen aircraft and in my wildest dreams would not have thought that 54 aircraft will eventually turn up.

Then for quite a while Bela Bela went quiet until its neighbour, Nylstroom's Airfield was illegally invaded leaving the very popular Taidraggers looking for a home. Bela Bela has now hosted this event for the last number of years and it looks set to do it for many more.

Favourite Videos of the past

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