EAA Airventure Oshkosh Day One

By Jaco Pitout


After a very good night's rest, I lay in my tent on the campgrounds at Camp Scholler, waiting for the sun to chase me out of bed, however this morning, the sun had not been able to power its' way through a thick layer of smoke that had been swept in overnight. The devastating effects of the Western-Canadian wildfires had reached us. It is a sobering thought that fires more than two thousand kilometres away would have an effect this pronounced over the northern parts of the United States.

Just a quick note about Sunday night's dinner. Again, Neil, Carolyn and their team had completely gone over and above by serving the group some of the juiciest, tender Rib-Eye steak I have ever had along with all the trimmings. Meals are very well thought out and balanced with a good variety on offer. This is surely one of the trademarks of the Air Adventure experience here at Oshkosh. Great food and world class hospitality.

There is still a buzz of excitement in the campground, and this escalated this morning with the first day of EAA Airventure Oshkosh lying in wait.

A typical morning consists of breakfast then a walk down to the media centre close to the worlds busiest control tower to find out more information of the happenings that are planned for the day ahead. The media centre is well equipped with a meeting area, workspaces and a presentation room that are all airconditioned. This morning a full breakfast was presented to handful of the 400 media representatives at EAA Airventure this year.

EAA Director of Communications, Dick Knapinski, hosted the morning briefing informing the attending media that there had been 2,142 aircraft movements at Wittman Regional Airport on Sunday 23 July, if you were to include the traffic using the Fisk arrival and the Fond Du Lac airport that number rises to a number in excess of 3,000. An air traffic marvel indeed!

Morning briefing completed and the sun still struggling to fight its' way through the dense smoke, I chose to walk down to Boeing Plaza and to the exhibitors in the adjacent halls and captured the following images.

Boeing Plaza is a wonderful gathering area of all kinds of impressive flying machines. I captured these images on and around Boeing Plaza.

Southwest Airlines brought in a Boeing 737-800 Max8 with 100 children from Chicago to enjoy the day at EAA Airventure.

The afternoon airshow did not disappoint! There was something for everyone to enjoy. From massive formation flights, warbirds, light aircraft, advanced aerobatics and some fast jet action. This is shaping up to be a fantastic Oshkosh 2023!

Tomorrow has even more in store to look forward to, I will keep you updated!

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