Marksmen Aerobatic Team at ExtremeX Event - Rhino Park Airfield

By Russell Dixon - Paver

14 October 2023

The Marksmen Aerobatic Team represented by Mark Hensman, Johnie Smith and Eugene du Preez provided the aerobatic displays as a Lifestyle Partner for the ExtremeX - “The Adrenalin Addiction Extreme Sports Event”, held at Legends Adventure Farm - Rhino Park Airfield. There were a number of other demonstrations displays and experiences of drives in fast sports cars and helicopter flips, as well as many vendor stalls of all kinds, but mainly catering for extreme sports equipment.

The day was hot and sunny with variable light winds. “Old Faithful”, Nigel Musgrave looked after the airside communication and ensured a sterile runway and display box.

The Marksmen Team had two display slots - 10:30 and 14:30. They also had a practice of their display when they re-positioned from the nearby KittyHawk, before the event officially started. Mark was flying an RV-8 in the lead because his aircraft was still in process of being shipped back from an air display in China so the two Extras did not have much difficulty in keeping up!

Kitplanes for Africa

The first four photographs are from the pre-event practice.

Two-ship positioning for the bomb-burst.

Johnie does some fast rolls in the climb.

The full-team three-ship performs the 360 degree “koeksuster”, where Eugene spirals around Mark and Johnie while they fly a complete circle.

The next four photographs are from the morning display slot.

Number three follows through the smoke of the team.

Just after Mark calls “Switchblade, Go!”.

Eugene and Johnie in the Extra crossover.

Smoke-burn for the crowd after the display.

Then came the afternoon display slot.

Three-ship flypast.

Fully-developed Switchblade, before the burst.

Marksmen have a heart for events they display at!

Eugene spiraling around Mark and Johnie in the 360 degree “koeksuster”.

Eugene in the final knife-edge of the Marksmen Aerobatic Team afternoon display.

Then it was “time to say good-bye…”

Johnie makes a greeting flypast as he heads for Hoedspruit.

Eugene's departure takeoff.

Mark and Eugene make a greeting flypast before heading back to Kittyhawk.

A great day out as a family event! The aerobatics was a worthy part of the program and represented their sponsors with excellent displays that were a great variation to the other aerobatic team displays seen at inland aviation events. Well done Marksmen Aerobatic Team!!!

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