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This week in Midweek Updates

AviationDirect and Eisenschmidt launched the New VFR Charts for Johannesburg and Cape Town.
LYTE Aviation reveals its 40-seat Hybrid eVTOL - SkyBus and SkyTruck
Tunisia modernising C-130 Hercules transports.
Reno Air Racing Association releases top three finalist locations for future home of National Championship Air Races.
Bell Signs First Bell 525 Purchase Agreement with Equinor for 10 Aircraft.
Volocopter receives green light for VoloCity serial production.
Lockheed Martin and Slovakia Usher in new era of European air defence with ceremonial delivery of first F-16 Block 70 jets.
Bell and Leonardo enter into memorandum of understanding to evaluate cooperation opportunities in the tiltrotor technology domain.
Deutsche Aircraft welcomes the complete fleet of D328® Turboprops from Nl EASP air to Oberpfaffenhofen Airport.
Worldwide Incidents and Accidents.
Bonus video - Aircraft Movements EAA 322 Fly In to Kitty Hawk Airfield.

8 DCA Industry Roadshow Stellenbosch, Cape Town. Contact Ms Charmaine Shibambo E-mail: shibamboc@caa.co.za

8 to 10 Aero Club Airweek venue Mideelburg Airfield. Contact Sandra Strydom E-mail: sandra@aeroclub.org.za Tel: 011 082 1100

9 ANR at Aeroclub Airweek - Middelburg Airfield.
Contact Iaan Myburgh email iaanmyburgh@gmail.com cell: 082 449 2531

15 DCA Industry Roadshow Mangaung, Free State. Contact Ms Charmaine Shibambo E-mail: shibamboc@caa.co.za

16 EAA Chapter 322 fly-in breakfast to Brits airfield. Contact Neil Bowden E-mail:

23 Stellenbosch Airshow - Fashkosh. Contact Sam Cell: 082 828 4553 or Anton Cell: 079 873 4567

6 Robertson annual fly-in breakfast Robertson airfield. Contact: Alwyn du Plessis. E-mail: boeredata@breede.co.za Cell: 083 270 5888

6 EAA Chapter 322 monthly gathering at the EAA Auditorium. Contact Neil Bowden E-mail: airadventuresa@gmail.com

6 SAPFA ANR National Championships - venue TBA. Contact Iaan Myburgh E-mail: iaanmyburgh@gmail.com Cell: 082 449 2531

6 & 7 SAC Eastern Cape regionals Wings Park airfield

13 Elder's Flight Brakpan airfield. Contact Felix Gosher E-mail: felixgosher@gmail.com Cell: 066 1919 4603

17 to 20 AERO Friedrichshafen 30th anniversary. Contact E-mail: info@fairnamic.com Website: www.fairnamic.com

20 EAA Chapter 322 fly-in breakfast to Eagle's Creek airfield. Contact Neil Bowden E-mail: airadventuresa@gmail.com

20 Wonderboom airshow. Contact Chris Theodosi E-mail: chris@creativespacemedia.co.za Cell: 071 220 1245

27 to 4 May Gauteng Gliding Championships. Magalies Gliding Club.

1 Witbank Aviation Society Breakfast Fly in.

4 SAAF Museum airshow at AFB Zwartkops. Contact Major Michael Church E-mail: mike.church172@gmail.com Cell: 072 720 0700

4 EAA Chapter 322 monthly gathering at the EAA Auditorium. Contact Neil Bowden E-mail:

10 & 11 Queenstown Wings & Wheels. For more information contact 082 921 2879

11 Lowveld airshow at the Nelspruit airfield. Contact Willemien E-mail: willemein.hodgkinson@kishugu.com Cell: 079 499 5733

14 to 17 NAMPO Harvest Day Bothaville. Contact Wim Venter E-mail: wim@grainsa.co.za Tel: 086 004 7246

17 to 19 EAA Chapter 322 weekend fly-away to Pyramid airfield. Contact Neil Bowden E-mail: airadventuresa@gmail.com

18 Parys airshow. Contact Chris Theodosi E-mail: chris@creativespacemedia.co.za Cell: 071 220 1245

18 SAC Free State regionals at Tempe airfield

23 to 25 SAPFA President's Trophy Air Race at Louis Trichardt civil airfield (FALO). Contact David Le Roux E-mail: David@pilotinsure.co.za Cell: 073 338 5200 Contact Iaan Myburgh E-mail: race@sapfa.co.za Cell: 082 449 2531

23 to 27 NAC fly-away venue TBA. Contact Agnes Phillips E-mail: agnes.phillips@nac.co.za Cell: 082 893 3399

25 Tempe airshow Bloemfontein. Contact Conrad Botha E-mail: rowco24cc@mailbox.co.za Cell 082 465 4045


Transforming Aeronautical Navigation or … Back to Basics!!!
AviationDirect, well-known publishers of airfields information and flight planning / inflight navigation software for Southern Africa, are excited to announce the release of the much-anticipated VFR (Visual Flight Rules) charts for Johannesburg and Cape Town's Special Rules Areas. These charts were developed in collaboration with Germany's Eisenschmidt GmbH, publishers of aviation charts in Europe, and who are also a Pilot Supplies Company offering a wide range of aeronautical publications and training material.

A Historic Collaboration
The journey began at Aero South Africa 2022, where initial discussions with Eisenschmidt, a subsidiary of the German Flight Safety group (DFS), set the stage for this project. With over 130 years of expertise in chart production, Eisenschmidt's rich history, dating back to their first aviation chart for airships in 1909, made them the perfect partner for this initiative.

Reviving and Innovating
Responding to the discontinuation of VFR Charts by Jeppesen in 2011, the demand for updated and accurate navigation maps was evident. A sample map, unveiled at Aero South Africa in 2024, generated immense interest, and paved the way for the development of this essential chart, in accordance with published information.

Technical Excellence Meets Local Expertise
The culmination of this project is the result of uncompromising efforts from Eisenschmidt's technical team in Germany and working hand-in-hand with South African pilots, flight instructors, and air traffic controllers. The final product is not just a chart; it's a testament to international collaboration and technical accuracy.

Chart Features and Benefits
These new VFR charts for Johannesburg and Cape Town Special Rules Areas are designed at a 1:250 000 scale, offering clear visibility and usability in the cockpit. They detail airspace boundaries, frequencies, reporting points, airfields, and published routings, essential for navigating these complex airspaces. The reverse side of the charts includes vital telephone numbers, communication frequencies, descriptions of Special Routes, and other crucial information, significantly reducing pilot stress in busy airspaces. The Cape Town chart is the first official map depicting the Special Rules Area North and, additionally also describes the Cape Town CTR Bottelary and Kenilworth Arrivals and Departures.

Availability and Pricing
These charts are a game changer for pilots flying in and around Johannesburg and Cape Town. They are available for purchase directly from AviationDirect or from local Pilot Shops and Flying schools. Priced at R349.00 incl. VAT (excluding delivery) the charts are a valuable investment for the aviation community. The charts are also available in Europe directly from Eisenschmidt.aero ICAO- und V500-Karten 2024 | Karten | Karten+Manuals | Eisenschmidt.aero: Pilot Shop

Contact us now!
Andrea Antel or Kelly Whitlow
AviationDirect (Pty) Ltd - Fourways - Johannesburg
Tel. +27 11 465 2669 or +27 72 340 9943
Email: info@aviationdirect.co.za


LYTE Aviation, the world's newest advanced air mobility innovator and market disruptor addressing advanced urban mobility and connectivity, reveals its 40-seat (hybrid) eVTOL SkyBus and SkyTruck programme today (23 March). Its LA-44 SkyBus and complementary SkyTruck cargo variant, designed around a 4.5 tonne payload, is the accumulation of three years' R&D. The result is a game-changing, vertical take-off and landing vehicle - designed to be five times more fuel efficient than current helicopters.

The SkyBus will offer a range of 1,000 km with a max speed of 300 km/hr, using mainly technology available today. The LA-44 is a hybrid electric tandem tilt-wing design, disrupting other futuristic looking next-gen designs. A full-scale prototype is being planned within 24 months.

LYTE Aviation's SkyBus' design features two separate propulsion systems, one electric and powered by hydrogen fuel cells, the other turbine powered by jet fuel / SAF.

Freshta Farzam (Founder & CEO) explained the design: "The use of turbine engines will likely remain unavoidable for the foreseeable future, so in order to achieve useful and business-sensible ranges as well as quicker time to market, we have opted for a hybrid, partly electric VTOL."

"My personal inspiration with this operating concept stems from the Rotodyne aircraft of the 1950's. Imagine 70 years later after accomplishing those 350 successful test flights, what can be achieved thanks to the advances in technology that we have seen, and continue to see."

LYTE Aviation's LA-44 design, presented for the first time today, is powered by four conventional turbine engines, running on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) complemented with four electric motors at the wingtips for control and stability, powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

"Conventional, highly reliable turboprops are the best option for our aircraft programme for the time being, with the aim to operate and refuel practically anywhere with the current infrastructure. With the constant evolution and expected investment in global infrastructure, including vertiports, energy sources (SAF & green Hydrogen) and electric powerplants, the ambition would be to become fully hydrogen-electric in the future," she added.

"We are focusing on facilitating the easy movement of passenger and cargo air transportation in a fast, safe, cost-effective and sustainable way. SkyTruck will be designed to deliver time-sensitive cargo faster from point to point, without reliance on runways, designed for the time critical demands of the onshore and (especially) offshore industry," said Freshta. Furthermore, the LA-44 would be honed for operation in other rugged operational conditions and (in the absence of ground infrastructure) in remote areas. It will feature underslung load capability: a 4.5 tonne payload and 17 tonnes' gross weight.

"The LA-44's unique design will enable us to tap mass transport capabilities, displacing air transport and land transport modalities such as buses, trains and trucks," Freshta added.

"LYTE Aviation's vision is to significantly enhance speed and frequency of passenger mass transit and cargo deliveries. The LA-44 represents the work of LYTE's world-class team, who collectively hold 200 years' aviation experience.

Speaking at Helicopter Investor 2023 in London this afternoon, Freshta introduced two newly disclosed early believers who are joining LYTE Aviation in this collaboration.

Kitplanes for Africa


Honeywell and ST Engineering are upgrading two of the Tunisian Air Force's Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules transport aircraft. On 19 February, the second Tunisian Air Force C-130 arrived at Paya Lebar Air Base in Singapore for upgrading by ST Engineering Defence Aviation Services (STEDAS).

The aircraft is being fitted with Honeywell's Cockpit Display System Retrofit (CDSR), which is available in three-display and five-display options with large format LCD displays, flight controls, air data and altitude censors.

Improvements also include digital instruments, a multi-functional display and an array of peripherals such as the RDR7000 weather radar, a Traffic Collision Avoidance System and advanced flight controls.

The retrofits have been designed to provide Tunisian Air Force pilots and flight crew with improved safety, better flexibility and efficiency, and easier maintenance, Honeywell said.

"We are honoured to work together with ST Engineering Defence Aviation Services to introduce the glass cockpit and mechanical component upgrade solutions for the Tunisian Air Force," said Sathesh Ramiah, Vice President, Defence & Space, Asia Pacific at Honeywell Aerospace Technologies. "Honeywell's glass cockpit represents a leap forward in modern aerospace technology, helping ensure the highest levels of safety and efficiency."

The Tunisian Air Force has two C-130H and one C-130B Hercules in service along with two C-130J-30 Super Hercules, which were delivered in April 2013 and January 2015. Ten other Hercules are in storage or preservation.


The Reno Air Racing Association (RARA) is pleased to announce the top three locations in the running to become the future home of the National Championship Air Races (NCAR). The three finalist cities are Casper, Wyo., Pueblo, Colo. and Roswell, N.M. The National Championship Air Races are a one-of-a-kind air racing event which has brought an estimated $100 million in annual economic impact to its current home in northern Nevada.

"We've been overwhelmed by the amazing, positive feedback we've received from the six bidding communities as a whole, as we search for the future home for the National Championship Air Races," said Fred Telling, CEO and chairman of the board for the Reno Air Racing Association. "There were many, many elements to consider, and we'd like to extend our sincere thanks to all the entrants who put in the time and effort to submit their carefully thought-out proposals. Through a rigorous vetting process, we feel confident that one of these three locations will provide the right mix of elements our event needs to continue to race well into the future."

In April of 2023, after receiving 38 inquiries from different locations, an official request for proposals from the Reno Air Racing Association was sent out nationwide to find a future home for the National Championship Air Races. Eleven cities attended one of two bidders' conferences in 2023, expressing further interest to host the event. Of the 11, six cities submitted complete proposals.

Telling also expressed his appreciation for RARA's race fans saying, "I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the overwhelming support we've received from our September Family as we go through this process. We are anxiously looking forward to welcoming everyone back to air racing in 2025."

A series of site visits were conducted at each of the six locations by some RARA board members, Class pilot representatives and other committee participants to assess the viability of hosting the pinnacle air racing event at their facilities. A myriad of factors were taken into account, including the ability of venues to host large crowds, handle hundreds of aircraft and support the large race course needed for the event. With these and many other factors in mind - Casper, Pueblo and Roswell were chosen as the top three finalists.

Telling also conveyed his deep appreciation to Buckeye, Ariz. Thermal, Calif. and Wendover, Utah for their efforts and support stating, "While these locations were not ultimately chosen to be the home of the next NCAR, they each have tremendous merit and value in their own right. We will be reaching out to them to continue discussions on their potential as expansion venues in the near future."

A final decision on the future home of the National Championship Air Races is expected in April 2024. In the interim, the organization continues to prepare for its 2024 a air show and 60th anniversary celebration in Reno in October ahead of the return of the air races in 2025.


Bell, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, announced a signed purchase agreement with Equinor for the sale of 10 Bell 525 aircraft for North Sea offshore operations with deliveries expected to begin in 2026.

The 525 offers Equinor superior technological innovation in terms of helicopter safety, reduced CO2 emissions, pilot support systems, passenger comfort and internal and external noise reduction.

"Our relationship with Equinor will enhance the standard of innovation for oil and gas missions and North Sea operations," said Danny Maldonado, Chief Commercial Officer, Bell. "The Bell 525 technology provides a generational leap forward and will revolutionize offshore oil and gas operations by providing enhanced safety capabilities, reliability and optimized operations."

Norwegian Aviation and Defence Group representing Bell in Norway are proud to have supported this breakthrough for Bell 525 to be chosen as the new platform for transport of personnel for the energy sector and Equinor.

"Bell has delivered aircraft and reliable services for more than 30 years to Norwegian operators, both in the government and commercial spheres, and will continue to do the same to the Norwegian Continental Shelf and the Energy sector. We are looking forward to developing this further with Equinor," says Norwegian Aviation and Defence Group Chief Executive Mr Ole Petter Bakken.

The Bell 525 incorporates fly-by-wire flight controls, industry leading drive system performance and fully integrated vehicle health monitoring. The 525-drive system architecture is also precedent setting; with all high-speed drives removed from the main rotor gearbox to incorporate independent and redundant reduction and accessory drive gearboxes. Bell 525 production is ongoing at Bell's Amarillo Assembly Centre, with offshore-configured aircraft coming off the line in 2024.


Volocopter, the pioneer of urban air mobility (UAM), announced today that it reached a landmark milestone in certification. It has received the German Federal Aviation Office's (Luftfahrtbundesamt or LBA) Production Organisation Approval (POA) extension that allows the production of the VoloCity aircraft. This POA extension applies to the two new Volocopter production and hangar facilities in Bruchsal, Germany, that were first unveiled in April 2023.

Volocopter is the world's first and only eVTOL company to hold both Design Organisation Approval (DOA) and POA. Volocopter received EASA's DOA in 2019, followed by the initial POA in 2021 with the acquisition of DG Flugzeugbau. This POA extension is industry-first, which lists specifically the approved production of an eVTOL in the POA's scope of work, from prototyping to serial manufacturing. In layperson's terms, Volocopter now has the full trust and authority to design and produce the VoloCity in-house autonomously and has entered the pre-serial production stage of manufacturing.

"This is a major milestone for us. Aircraft design and production are strongly regulated for a good reason: to produce safe mobility products. I am pleased that Volocopter's production facility has the trust of and stamp of approval from LBA to manufacture commercial aircraft that can be delivered to customers once the VoloCity receives type certification. Our team has proven that we can produce safe and high-quality test aircraft, and we now look forward to shortening our production lead time for scaling." Andreas Fehring, - Chief Operating Officer of Volocopter

Under EASA's SC-VTOL (Special Condition VTOL) Enhanced certification category, the VoloCity will become the first commercial eVTOL with the highest global safety standards in aviation. Achieving this safety standard allows VoloCity to fly above congested urban areas quietly and efficiently, adding an extra layer of alternative mobility to the transportation mix in cities.


In a ceremony today at Lockheed Martin's Greenville facility (NYSE: LMT), Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence of the Slovak Republic, Robert Kalinák, along with esteemed delegates from the United States and Slovakia, commemorated the delivery of Slovakia's first two F-16 Block 70 aircraft. This event marks a new era in European air defence, underscoring the deepening partnership between the two allied nations. F-16 Block 70 fighter jets will help the Slovak Republic to once again ensure the protection of its airspace with its own capacities.

The two aircraft, a single-seat C-model and a two-seat D-model, will remain in Greenville for maintenance training. This training is crucial for Slovak Air Force personnel to ensure the smooth integration and effective operation of the F-16 fleet. More jets are slated for completion by 2025, with the first group of aircraft anticipated to arrive in Slovakia by mid-2024.

OJ Sanchez, vice president and general manager of the Integrated Fighter Group at Lockheed Martin, emphasized the milestone's strategic importance: "Slovakia is at the forefront of adopting Europe's most advanced 4th generation fighter, the F-16 Block 70. These jets not only represent a stronger alliance between Slovakia, the United States, and NATO allies but also equip the Slovak Air Force with advanced capabilities to face 21st Century Security challenges."

Sanchez added: "As Slovakia joins the ranks of nations operating the F-16, a benchmark NATO fighter, they bolster their defense capabilities and readiness for global operations. With 11 more Slovak F-16s under production and testing, we are committed to delivering a total of 14 state-of-the-art jets, further solidifying our partnership."

The F-16 Block 70 jets are equipped with the Northrop Grumman APG-83 AESA Radar, advanced avionics, an extended structural service life of 12,000 hours, and critical safety features like the Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance System (Auto GCAS). Since its integration into the U.S. Air Force in late 2014, the Auto GCAS has been instrumental in saving 13 pilots across 12 F-16 incidents, exemplifying the aircraft's unparalleled safety and performance standards.

Lockheed Martin has a backlog of 133 F-16 Block 70/72 jets to be produced in Greenville, with seven total jets delivered to-date for international partners.


Bell Textron Inc., a Textron Inc. (NYSE:TXT) company, and Leonardo S.p.A., have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to evaluate cooperation opportunities in the tiltrotor technology domain.

As global leaders in designing, manufacturing, and supporting rotorcraft for commercial and military applications, Bell and Leonardo share a multi-decade history of industrial cooperation on both traditional helicopters as well as tiltrotor technology collaboration.

The cooperative effort will begin in earnest with the NATO Next Generation Rotorcraft Capability (NGRC) Concept Study #5, where Leonardo will take the lead on a tiltrotor architecture proposal with Bell in support.

"This cooperative effort between Bell and Leonardo reflects our shared vision that next generation rotorcraft will be influenced by the speed, range and manoeuvrability only tiltrotor technology can deliver," said Lisa Atherton, president and CEO, Bell. "We are proud to deepen our relationship with Leonardo as we continue to explore emerging vertical lift programs in Europe and the United States.

Gian Piero Cutillo, Managing Director of Leonardo Helicopters, said "We're thrilled to evaluate new joint efforts for the next generation of rotorcraft technologies, based on our solid and shared view of the unique advantages of tiltrotors. Leonardo has always firmly endorsed tiltrotor technologies to meet evolving rotorcraft requirements, even more so as new needs emerge in the market."


Deutsche Aircraft, a leading aircraft manufacturer, is pleased to announce the arrival of NL EASP AIR's complete fleet of D328® turboprop aircraft at its hangar at Oberpfaffenhofen Airport. NL EASP AIR, a renowned Dutch operator, specialises in providing global services for aerial maritime surveillance, coast guard operations, search and rescue (SAR) missions, ISR operations and special mission charter support. Their fleet of special mission aircraft, equipped with advanced sensors and systems, plays a crucial role in fulfilling these critical tasks.

Based at Schiphol International Airport (EHAM) and Den Helder Airport (EHKD), NL EASP AIR has chosen Deutsche Aircraft as their trusted partner for maintenance and support services. The entire fleet of three D328® turboprops is undergoing maintenance at the Deutsche Aircraft hangar, providing an opportunity for the crew of both organisations to meet and strengthen their partnership.

As one of the key European operators of the D328®, NL EASP AIR relies on the maintenance support of Deutsche Aircraft to ensure uninterrupted operations. NL EASP AIR's partners include prestigious organisations such as Frontex (the European Borderand Coast Guard Agency), ESA, the Indonesian Air Force (TNI-AU) and OEMs.

Nico Neumann, COO of Deutsche Aircraft, highlighted the long-standing partnership between Deutsche Aircraft and NL EASP Air, stating, "The high-quality support services provided by Deutsche Aircraft not only guarantees the excellent performance of the D328® but also ensures first-rate dispatch reliability in many commuter and charter operations across the globe. NL EASP AIR is one of the key operators benefitting from our proven customer and product support, which enables outstanding mission readiness in demanding, non-standard operations, such as border security, sea surveillance, air ambulance services and special mission roles."

Pieter Voeten, CEO of NL EASP AIR, expressed his satisfaction with Deutsche Aircraft's support and emphasised the importance of their partnership, stating, "To carry out our critical tasks, NL EASP AIR relies on the D328® special mission turboprop aircraft which is equipped with advanced sensors and systems. The long-standing customer and product support provided by Deutsche Aircraft ensures the safe and cost-effective operation of the NL EASP AIR fleet."

Deutsche Aircraft has also played a significant role in supporting NL EASP AIR's special mission operations by integrating the In-Flight Operable Door (IFOD) developed by AeroRescue, with EASA certification. This innovation allows the D328® to be used for various multi-role missions worldwide.

Deutsche Aircraft is proud to welcome NL EASP AIR's fleet of D328® aircraft to Oberpfaffenhofen and looks forward to continuing this partnership. The continued success of the D328® is attributed to the exceptional customer and product support provided by Deutsche Aircraft.

3 March 2005

The late Steve Fossett becomes the first person to fly an airplane around the world solo nonstop without refuelling, flying 25,000 miles in 67 hours and 2 min.

Born on 22 April 1944 James Stephen Fossett was an American businessman and a record-setting aviator, sailor and adventurer. As a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and the Explorers Club, Fossett set more than one hundred records
in five different sports, sixty of which still stood at the time of his death.

He was the first person to fly solo nonstop around the world in a balloon and in a fixed-wing aircraft. He made his fortune in the financial services industry and held world records for five nonstop circumnavigations of the Earth: as a long-distance solo balloonist, as a sailor, and as a solo flight fixed-wing aircraft pilot.

He broke three of the seven absolute world records for fixed-wing aircraft recognized by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, all in his Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer. In 2002, he was awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Aero Club of the UK and was inducted into the National Aviation Hall of Fame in 2007.

Fossett disappeared on September 3, 2007, while flying a light aircraft over the Great Basin Desert, between Nevada and California. Fossett's plane was discovered wrecked in 2008.

USA, Massey Ranch Airpark (X50), New Smyrna Beach, FL: A CubCrafters sustained substantial damage subsequent to impact with a building structure following a loss of directional control during landing at Massey Ranch Airpark (X50), New Smyrna Beach, Florida. The sole pilot onboard the tailwheel equipped airplane was not injured. Winds in the area at the time of the landing were approximately SE 9-12nG 28 Kts.

Aruba, Queen Beatrix International Airport (AUA/TNCA), Oranjestad: A Cessna 172P Skyhawk was blown over by wind caused by taxiing Amerijet International Boeing 767-323ER (BDSF) (WL) N378CX at Queen Beatrix International Airport (AUA/TNCA), Oranjestad. The aircraft received minor damage.

USA, Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB/KSFB), Orlando, FL: A Cirrus SR20, N485DA, crashed short of runway 09C at Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB/KSFB), Orlando, Florida. The aircraft came down on the apron in front of the L3 Airline Academy building. It struck a parked unoccupied aircraft and caught fire. The pilot did not survive.

Greenland, Location: beach of Skovfjord, 13km SE of Narsaq, Kujalleq: The pilot of a Bell 206L-4 LongRanger IV activated the emergency floats after a technical malfunction and made a forced landing on a beach of the Skovfjord, 13km southeast of Narsaq, Kujalleq. He was not injured and rescued by a SAR helicopter of Air Greenland and airlifted to a hospital in Qaqortoq out of precaution. The helicopter received substantial damage.

Norway, 2 nm W off Løno, about 29 km W of Bergen: A Bristow Norway AS Sikorsky S-92A SAR helicopter, callsign "NORSAR6", crashed during a SAR training flight working for Equinor in the sea west of Sotra island, about 29 km west of Bergen. The first five were hoisted up by Royal Norwegian Air Force AgustaWestland AW101 Mk.612 SAR Queen 0268, callsign "SAVER50" from Sola and flown to Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen. The sixth person was lifted up and flown to Haukeland University Hospital by a rescue helicopter from Florø. One of the six occupants died, one is critically injured, one seriously injured and the remaining three are lightly injured. Sikorsky has announced that they are ready to assist the Norwegian accident investigation board if that is needed.

Aircraft Movements EAA 322 Fly In to Kitty Hawk Airfield

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